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***** Joko Interactive Live Wallpapers in the Google Play Store. *****

Joko Interactive, the developer behind the interactive apps everyone like very well.

Look at the Papersea (Pro) Live Wallpaper. It’s fantastic! Can any of us make this or do the same and bring it from him, her or them to the world? It’s a thankful fact we can enjoy it. This digital way brings the animals in the sea, the water itself on the screen in a 'cartoon style' artwork. And it brings lots more. If you like this, then read further.

It has a theme manager, to save and load the settings. There are scenes with objects and colors to change it yours. Also you can change the weather settings, the time and way the wallpaper scroll at your screen. Choose in the options of the Live wallpaper to randomise the so stunning themes. 

Also you can make a wallpaper, a still image of Papersea to use it as a normal wallpaper. Let it suggest the seasonal themes wether or not with the Seasonal Theme Notifications. Sounds great, is it not? I like it and bought it myself without doubt. It let me feels as in childish times and it relax as example when you do lots of business or other work, an exam or study. My loved ones like it too. And it’s outstanding! A magical experience. As in magical books, so fine! 


Do a look at the Paperland (Pro) Live Wallpaper, with Live weather options. Also with balloons, birds, trees, dolphins, houses, clouds, boats, taxis, cars in lots of colors with also some another driving 'movements'. ;-) 

With holiday season options and more. To change and enjoy it at your pleasure possibilities. It's beautiful designed too. This one is in the top three of (also) my favourite Live Wallpapers.

Or what do you think about Love Letters Pro? There is 'more between the Earth & Moon' as we know. :D With lots of heart styles, letters, logos, colors and symbols. Of course, beautiful at Valentine's Day too. These are three examples to enjoy the artwork living in a world to maybe 'escape' a moment (or longer) on our mobile devices. Calm interactive themes with paper & painting looking artwork.

Everyone can enjoy this piece of joyful interactive work of art. You can buy it for a small price (it's not expensive), but what we get is more enjoyment, surrounded with artwork for all ages, for everyone. It works like a charm at Oreo and Pie with the latest versions or updates. So, what are you waiting for? Curious to it? There are versions to try without any cost. And Pro versions to enjoy it to the fullest. It's worth every penny/cent. A small cost for what we get. And we support the developer. He is also happy to hear from us, with or without a review. 

Some people around me ask me whether it does not cost too much energy in the background. No, this is very low nowadays. And that the consumption is so low is just too brilliant. For me, it's one of my favourite set Live Wallpapers. That says a lot about my respect for the developer. Discover it yourself, and enjoy!

So don’t forget to check all the Joko apps with this link to the Android Play Store.

The Pro versions:                       

 'Free-to-try' versions:

Try also the developer Joko Interactive their most recent apps:

And when you have ideas, criticism, suggestions or whatever/share anything, then feel you free to contact the developer: joke.interactive@gmail.com or josh@joko.io and visit their website: http://www.joko.io/ and/or http://jokointeractive.blogspot.com/

Thanks Josh! Chapeau! And keep up the good work, because it’s lovely and you make it also possible to brighten up everyone's life!

> Leave a review on the Play Store if you like it, that would help the developer a bunch! <

 Written by Sven Buitenhuis, 3 December 2018.

The Live Wallpapers by:


If you ever look to an Android live wallpaper, and you like also the flora and fauna with the seasons, then I can recommend the fantastic ones from Teragon. Sure, not without a good reason of course:

There are "surprising elements" in it. The Live, yes, it looks as it lives, Wallpaper looks stable and beautiful, with compliments to the developers by Teragon in Singapore. Yes, it can puts a smile on your face. It's wonderful and worth every cent with a warm heart.

To the developer: Excellent, and thanks for the so open and kind communications by email, thanks!! 

For myself I was bought the Day & Night Live Wallpaper, the all in one, their master set. And the developer was so sweet to give, sent me, a promo code of Live Storm Pro and Lumi Deluxe. To everyone who bought their Day & Night Live Wallpaper app. Also I was asked for extra promo codes. And I got it! So generous, so sweet, so wow.. thx!!

So I was happy to redeem and install the extra additions, for free: Live Storm Pro and Lumi Deluxe. So generous, this gesture! And give the extra promo codes I received to family and a few friends. If you want also some promo codes, then it's fine to know that this promotion is still active. But I am not sure for how long it is possible. Grab your chance, just as me!


And also with the Christmas Days soon, it is a sweet idea to give away some of the codes from Teragon to your loved ones too. Is it not? Life is full of wonderful, small, (in)visible little things and feelings to enjoy together!

All what you need to do, when you buy or have bought their Day & Night Live Wallpaper, is to send the developer an email. You can find and read this all at the Google Play Store (see 'Read more') too. 

But as mentioned: Don't wait too long, because I don't know when this promotion ends. You can find all their Live Wallpapers, the amazing creations/work by Teragon, at your desktop, tablet or mobile phone here: everything with a link, at one place, with a wink at the Google Play Store.

Have fun! Enjoy the playable experience, with the settings too, you also will like. Touch the screen. Let it overwhelmed you too. This fantastic Live Wallpapers, and more, from Teragon, by Day & Night! 

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 Written by Sven Buitenhuis, 8 December 2017.

KVAD Group, well-known from also the application Photo Studio (Pro) has released a new creation for everyone and all ages, worldwide: Avatars+ in the Android Play Store. Time for a review!

When you installed and start Avatars+ there is a camera position with a line figured as a face visible. It works great! As a camera. Point it at yourself and pull different faces. You will laugh so much that you can roll over the floor. And that’s just the beginning. :) In the next stage, you can easily choose various accessories from the section below at the (small) photos. Very simple. And there are additional packages to download. Be a clown, a robot or perk yourself up as a monster, a lion or another animal. Or feel yourself like a national pride (yes, you are the champion!). And so there are more funny novelties to transform yourself or others. Even so for selfies. To have more fun.

Exciting! You can also easily import a picture and save it. It’s also ideal for a birthday-party or for carnival. Superb! One point is that it seems to have been created for women only due the fact that we see the photos from one woman as a role-model. It’s a pretty woman. :D She is looking good. Next time with a man as a model? ;-) It’s for everyone and it provides lots of laughing moments. It works like a charm: stable, smooth and intuitive. It’s free to download and use. I have lots of enjoyed times with it. My friends and family too. That says enough. Test it yourself. Edit, laugh and tremble as crazy and many you can! :D Share it on social media. Try also to explore it again, because it has lots of features, structures, extensions, colo(u)rs and layers. To tease and challenge yourself and others. So fine, as I said already: what a fun!! And that is possible for everyone. Wonderful and fantastic!

Compliments for the developers at KVAD Group! A big compliment with a standing ovation and applause, because it’s so generous to bring it out and share this worldwide. Well done!

Download Avatars+

Official Website





Written by Sven Buitenhuis, 28 March 2017.