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Your source for news about Sven Buitenhuis his ideas & creations, whether or not in collaboration with stunning people from all over the world.

Founded in 2016 Epularos, it comes from the word Epulari which means (make) Merry in Latin, by Sven Buitenhuis from The Netherlands; Designer, Developer & Dutch translator - "Discover from within a unique point of view". 



Pleased to meet you! My name is Sven Buitenhuis, from The Netherlands. Epularos by Sven Buitenhuis. Founded in March 2016. It comes from the words Epulari which means (make) Merry. And Epularos itself means 'Friends' in Latin by meDesigner, Developer & Dutch translator - "Discover from within a unique point of view".

This is the website of Epularos. My mission (non-profit and as a project) is to bring out the best of every person and organisation. In the majority of cases: a smile is sufficient, also for the right step and success!



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Neeraj D
08-10-17 14:20:30
Dear Sven,

I would like to review your Website, which is nicely designed and you have elaborated the most of the things you could have indeed. It's perfect introduction of yourself with fine communication.

I have also read about your struggle how you have beaten the excuses people make to lag behind, in spite of multiple handicap issues, you have overcome the fact of being a Warrior man and led yourself with consistent determination, which makes you an icon and symbol of hard work and Success.

Wish you success in your future endeavors.

with gratitude,
Neeraj D

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