`Something special I like to share with you.'  ;-)


In March 2017, I bought a Wileyfox Swift 2 X smartphone. Next of this I have a BlackBerry Passport SE (love this build in OS, based on QNX, so as many other people in the world). And with the Wileyfox device it’s my first experience with the Android OS. Yes, I am a ‘late bloomer’, hahahaha, toi toi :D 

A week ago I contacted Wileyfox by email. In good consultation, due the fact of a yellow screen, I sent my blue Swift 2 X device to the Netherlands team of Wileyfox. The team told me that this appears to be a normal and acceptable phenomenon from the manufacturer itself. And I (also) read a lot more about this at internet. Thus; no problem for me. A happy user. A few days later I got it back. And even better, so genius and ideal; with gold-colo(u)red back and sides! Fantastic!! It feels like I'm a VIP (too). So proud and (yes, again) happy with my Blue (Midnight) / Gold (Champagne) Wileyfox Swift 2 X smartphone. Awesome! Also I received an extra USB-C cable, thanks!!

A phone for a good price with superb support. Why buying an expensive device if you can get it also for less and better, the best!? A smartphone with premium quality as other brand phones in the market. Everyone deserve it. The best you can get, without compromises! And sure, everything can always better. But with time and some updates too, of course. All good things come later. Enjoy it in the moment.

Huge thanks to the Wileyfox team! And I like also the fox logo. We know that Life is as ‘Give & Take’. A thankful gesture, in a positive attitude and way. So generous and sweet, that Wileyfox done this with again compliments. Lots of thanks. Thank you from my heart! 


Wileyfox, the most sympathetic phone manufacturer, indeed!

A (young) company with great potential in the future. 

Let’s hold an eye on it!


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Wileyfox Twitter

  Wilefox Facebook

Written by Sven Buitenhuis, 17 October 2017. 



S. Buitenhuis