Epularos by Sven Buitenhuis. Founded in March 2016. It means Friends in Latin by me: Designer, Developer & Dutch translator - "Discover from within a unique point of view". The more knowledge, the more we can change & do in life.

Sven Buitenhuis, a globetrotter with his challenges like every human being.

Enkele citaten van mijn hand // Some quotes by me: 

"Een moment van bezinning kan leiden tot een overwinning." 

"Positief blijven we denken, meer hoeft men niet te schenken."


Email: info@epularos.com

User of Okuna, Wire (Apple & Android), Signal (Apple & Android) SMS & email. Sure, you can always ask me anything you want. Also to send invites, and vice versa of course.



S. Buitenhuis